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Alisa WyattChronic, Recurrent Mouth Sores Resolved

I was having recurrent canker sores which became extremely painful. All of my other health care providers, including my dentist had dismissed them as something I had to live with. I found Dr. Amanda with a google search. Her website felt authentic and she answered her phone right away. Dr. Amanda was the first person who made me feel like there was a solution to this issue and that she would help me figure out what was wrong. Beginning with herbal and vitamin treatment to support the stressful time I was going through, I found some relief but when the issue didn’t resolve itself completely Dr. Amanda suggested food allergy testing. Upon discovering I was extremely sensitive to several things I was eating on a daily basis, my canker sores disappeared completely! I’m so extremely relieved to have discovered what was making my body so stressed and happy knowing I have a doctor who is trained to look beyond symptoms toward treating the whole body. Dr. Amanda’s approach is very common sense and supportive which I think is useful in helping you feel as though you are making steps in the right direction without being overwhelmed with treatment options. I’ve already recommended Dr. Amanda to several friends and they too have had great success with her help.

~ Alisa Wyatt, Chief Pilates Officer at



Payne FamNatural Care for the Family

Dr. Amanda was referred to me after several frustrating failed attempts at resolving numerous health issues with my GYN and GP.  I was ready for a holistic naturopathic approach.  Dr. A spent a significant amount of time with me and made me feel immediately comfortable during our initial consultation.  She didn’t merely focus on my symptoms but the causes to my symptoms of pre-menopausal fatigue and irritability. We discussed all physical and mental changes to my body and her supportive and encouraging approach was refreshing and incredibly knowledgeable. She suggested hormonal testing and a blood test and without delay we had a battle plan.  My comprehensive treatment plan is working beautifully! I have an abundance of energy, a clear mind and my hormones are balanced. I feel fantastic thanks to Dr. A! I referred my husband and seven year old daughter who were both struggling with occasional stomach problems and allergies. Dr. A suggested food allergy testing and discovered they both have a significant aversion to eggs. Now on an egg-free diet, they feel so much better.  Amanda follows up with our family regularly by phone and email and she is always available for consultation.  Never have we experienced this level of care by a traditional medical doctor.  Dr. A truly cares about our progress and overall health and well-being.  I rave about Dr. A to my friends who have all expressed interest in a consultation.  Simply put, Dr. A rocks!

~ Caroline Payne



JaimeWjpegRelief for Chronic Skin Complaints

The only way to describe Dr. Frick is that she saved my life.  I had horrible rashes all over my body for close to a year – hands, back, and worst of all, my face.  I got up every day feeling and looking awful.  This medical condition cut into every part of my life – I couldn’t work because I itched all over, and I looked too crappy to go outside.

I saw a wide array of doctors to deal with the problem – dermatologists, internists, rheumatologists and another naturopath.  None of them solved the problem, but they were never shy about charging me for their services, drugs or supplements.

Within a week of working with Dr. Frick, my symptoms had decreased drastically. I was feeling like “the old me” again, free of itching, scratching and redness.  And her solution didn’t cost an arm and a leg, either.  She created an atmosphere where I felt completely comfortable telling her anything that was going on with my body.  I really learned a lot about my own body working with her.  I’m grateful to Dr. Frick for all we’ve accomplished together.  And she’ll be an integral part of my medical care going forward.

~ Jamie W.