Santa Monica Naturopathic Doctor | Amanda Frick, ND

Food Allergies

Are the foods you eat making you sick?

Certain foods can trigger immune system responses in certain individuals which can cause undue stress on even the most healthy of bodies. Over time, this stress can add up to a significant set of symptoms and illness.

Allergic reactions vary, to foods in particular. Some reactions are immediate, occurring within a few hours from the time of exposure. Asthma, itchy eyes, rash, swelling and acute digestive distress are common symptoms of this type of immediate, or IgE antibody mediated allergic reaction. Because these types of symptoms are sudden and can be severe it us usually easy to identify the offending food.

There is also another type of reaction called IgG antibody mediated response. These types of responses are delayed and make take days to develop and persist. For this reason, you may not even be aware that the foods you are eating are making you sick because you cannot make a clear association with a food and a particular symptom. Symptoms of this type tend to be less severe, yet more chronic. Examples of IgG antibody mediated reactions are: fatigue, headaches, weight gain, food cravings, brain fog and others.

There are simple blood tests available to identify elevated antibodies to foods. We can draw a small blood sample right in the office. This testing is often not covered by insurance. Contact us today for more information.