Santa Monica Naturopathic Doctor | Amanda Frick, ND

Naturopathic Medical Care

Achillea millefoliumTruly Personalized Care  


Individualized attention. 

We strive to provide optimal Naturopathic Medical Care. Our office offers a relaxing, warm and open atmosphere to facilitate your comfort.  You will have plenty of time to discuss what’s important to you and ask any questions that you might have.

You won’t spend your time waiting. 

There are never double-booked appointments at our office.  Each patient is scheduled an individual time with the doctor that does not overlap with other appointments.  That means you can spend more time with the doctor, and less time waiting. With the exception of emergencies, patients are seen promptly at the time of their appointment.




Comprehensive Care

New Patient Intake  “Initial History”

Please allow 2 hours for your first visit. During that time Dr. Amanda will gather your complete health/family and social history, review your current medications, supplements and medical records, and thoroughly cover all of your health concerns in the order of their importance to you and your health.  During the first visit, Dr. Amanda will also perform a head to toe physical examination, recommend laboratory testing (if necessary or warranted), and be sure to get an appropriate assessment of your concerns and expectations for Naturopathic Medical care.

During this visit you will be given an initial treatment plan, which will include dietary and lifestyle modification suggestions, home therapy recommendations, as well as vitamin, herbal, homeopathic, supplement and medication therapies as warranted.

Initial Follow-Up  “Assess and Modify”

This visit is scheduled 1 month after your initial consultation visit.  This visit is scheduled for 1 hour. At this visit, there will be an assessment of any changes noted with your initial plan, and modifications may be made to your wellness plan.  If any specialty laboratory testing was ordered, results will be reviewed at this visit as well.

Return Visits 

Subsequent office visits last 30 minutes to 1 hour and are scheduled in 2-8 week intervals, as needed. The length of each visit is based on your progress and health concerns. During follow up visits, your health history and progress will be reviewed, natural and prescription medications and supplements will be re-evaluated if necessary, your questions will be answered, and your treatment plan will be adjusted if needed.