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Nutritional Testing

Would you like a personalized nutritional optimization plan?

Welcome to the most advanced way to evaluate functional nutrition!  Utilize this testing for pinpoint focus of exactly where you need to be investing your time and money in supplements and nutrition.

Nutritional testing offers you an inside look at the status of a wide array of nutrients in your body.  Assessments may include measurement of antioxidants, B-vitamins, digestive function, essential fatty acids, minerals, neurotransmitter metabolites and more.

This is the most personalized and accurate way to customize your individual nutrition and supplementation plan.  Once deficiencies and possible excesses are identified, exact doses for necessary nutrients can be formulated to meet your exact nutrient needs.

In this way, you can see where your dietary and lifestyle choices may need to be supplemented of adjusted, as well as see what supplements you actually need, and where you may be wasting your money on pills and powders.

The sate of the art technology utilized in functional nutritional testing also has the capability to identify “red flags” for digestive concerns such as intestinal dysbiosis and yeast overgrowth.  This offers us valuable and time saving information regarding whether your digestive system needs assistance or deserves some further evaluation.

Testing may include collection of blood and/or urine.  These tests are billable to insurance with a small down-payment, and there are also reasonable cash-pay patient options available.

Contact us today to find out how to evaluate and construct your personalized nutritional optimization plan.