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Injection Menu

Nutrient Injection Menu

Many people have been asking about nutrient injections, so we put together a little “menu” of some different combinations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your individual needs.

Any of these can be modified to your preferences, and when you come in the first time, we can work together to decide on a combination of nutrients to best suit your specific needs and concerns.

Nutrient Injection Menu


  • Initial Nutrient Injection Consult - Brief consult with Dr. Frick to discuss your concerns, diet and lifestyle habits, and make a decision regarding which nutrient injection is best for you.  The initial consult fee includes your first injection.  Subsequent injections will be based on cost of injection only.  See the following menu for pricing. ($75)
  • The “Frick Me Up” - The ultimate cocktail for energy and weight loss.  Contains 6 essential B Vitamins as well as the lipotropic factors methionine, inositol and choline, and topped off with a fat blasting dose of L-Carnitine  ($45)
  • B12 – good for stress, improving mood, increasing energy and regulating sleep. A necessity for a plant based diet  ($25)
  • B-Complex – immunity and energy booster  ($25)
  • Vitalean – a mixture of lipotropic amino acids (methionine, inositol and choline) and B12 to promote fat metabolism, and increase weight loss and energy  ($35)
  • Detox Shot – liver detox amino acids (methionine, inositol and choline) and detox pathway vitamins (B12 and B-Complex) assist the liver in the removal of toxicity from the body  ($40)
  • Fem Shot – a balance of lipotropic liver aminos (methionine, inositol and choline) and hormone pathway vitamins (B12 and B6) assists in hormone balance and can improve symptoms of pms  ($40)
  • Create Your Own! – combine nutrients above, or add others to create your own tonic ($ varies)